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【ATINY】  independently developed the contour measurement sensor, the line sensor,
through the point-line switch button, the line sensor can be used as a point-type laser displacement sensor. 
 It can be applied to 2D measurement and 3D measurement. 
aTiny Laser Displacement Sensor-Help improve the quality of the industry and increase the yield rate of users
The laser displacement sensor is a sensor that uses laser technology for measurement, and consists of a laser, a laser detector and a measurement circuit.

Laser displacement sensor measurement principle: cylindrical objective lens expands the laser beam into strips, the laser diffuses on the target, the emitted light is imaged on the CMOS, and the displacement and shape are measured by detecting changes in position and shape.

Difficulties of laser displacement sensor measurement: (caused by the material and structure of the measured object)
○ Part of the light emitted by the sensor is absorbed by the material, such as rubber and ink cartridges, resulting in a decrease in the intensity of the reflected light. It is necessary to adjust the exposure time of the laser displacement to overcome this problem;
○ The metal products are highly reflective or specularly reflect the object to be measured, causing the light to return vertically, failing to form diffuse reflection, resulting in poor measurement results.

The aTiny laser displacement sensor independently researched and developed by【ATINY】 has strong detection ability and stability
○ Support the detection of multiple materials;
○ Anti-high reflection technology can distinguish and eliminate multiple reflections that affect accurate measurement, and then achieve stable measurement under high reflection conditions.

The aTiny laser displacement sensor solves the detection quality management problem that is difficult to achieve with traditional contact sensors. Under the same measurement conditions,
it reflects the advantages of high quality, low price, and high cost performance!

The aTiny small laser displacement sensor does not need to apply external force to the measured object.
It is widely used in aerospace, mechanical automation, precision instruments, automotive electronics, due to its high detection frequency, accuracy, and strong environmental adaptability. Railway tracks and other fields.

Can be solved:
♢ Measure contour, angle, spacing, etc.
♢ Defect detection, flatness detection, item positioning
♢ Contour tracking, 3D scanning, size measurement
♢ Robot application

2D measurement

Accurately measure height, height difference, width, position, shape, thickness, vibration, etc.

3D measurement

Three-dimensional image acquisition and image processing are used to inspect products.

Case-width measurement
The actual size of the workpiece: 11mm
The actual measurement result is: 10.9246mm

Case-height measurement
The actual size of the workpiece: 10mm
The actual measurement result is: 9.9731mm

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