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Welding monitoring


When observing the welding process, the weld pool monitoring system independently developed by【ATINY】 
will move the weld pool monitoring camera at a corresponding uniform speed with the movement of the welding torch to
ensure that the camera is aligned with the weld pool and accurately observe the welding process.
Welding wire position, molten pool state, posture, etc.

It can remotely monitor the arc, welding wire (tungsten electrode), molten pool, weld, base metal, surrounding environment,
and the state of slag or bubbles in the molten pool, so as to adjust welding parameters in time,
which can greatly improve welding quality and increase welding production efficiency.

Realize the visualization of the molten pool and the weld bead, and the state of the welding point, the welding torch, and the position
of the weld during the welding process can be clearly displayed through the imaging system.

The molten pool monitoring system not only solves the problems of difficult observation and monitoring
when welding equipment is working, but also improves the reliability of the welding system.
It is suitable for any automatic welding equipment with high compatibility.
This not only greatly improves the welding observation environment,
but also saves manpower and improves the welding quality and quality.

The system has the characteristics of high cost performance, simple setting, convenient operation, etc.,
and is particularly suitable for integration into existing automation systems.


Hardware parts

High-dynamic industrial cameras can remotely capture the welding process in high-definition,
and provide multiple data output interfaces. With built-in light source,

remote electric focusing, video recording and playback, CMOS digital camera, Ethernet transmission, POE power supply, no external power supply,
built-in water cooling interface, anti-interference, with replaceable glass, remote firmware update and other features.

POE interface;

Internal insulation

Water cooling

Electric focusing;

Built-in light source;

The lens protection sheet can be replaced.

It has the functions of remote programming, support for secondary development, coarse and fine adjustment of the lens, and video recording and playback.

Software part:

The host computer software is suitable for computers with Windows operating system.
After the high dynamic molten pool monitoring camera and the Windows system computer are correctly connected,
open the "melt pool camera display and control software" to make the corresponding settings,
and the image display area will display the corresponding image.

The software has many functions such as zoom, focus, iris, etc., and the operation is flexible and


In process of  welding, in order to ensure the quality of production, the quality of the welding process requires the operator to
adjust the welding parameters by observing the welding area, the welding wire melting position and the state of the molten pool,
so as to ensure the consistency of the weld formation.

As we all know, the welding environment is very harsh, accompanied by smoke and dust, strong arc radiation and spatter, etc.
The operator needs to wear strict protective measures.

At the same time, the poor working conditions lead to fatigue and inaccuracy when the operator observes the state of the molten pool.

This not only affects welding productivity, but also greatly damages the health of the operator.

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