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The welding working environment is harsh, the labor intensity is high, and it is harmful to the human body.
With the continuous economic development, the turnover rate of front-line welders is increasing year by year.
In recent years, welding robots have been widely used in many manufacturing companies as an important tool for production automation.
In actual welding work, due to the thermal deformation of the welding workpiece, the uncertain welding seam position,
the deviation of the workpiece, etc., the welding robot cannot perform welding according to the pre-taught trajectory,
which leads to the deterioration of the welding quality. Sensors are indispensable for welding robots from teaching to intelligence.


Video case: JXB-130 welding in a small fuel tank with narrow space


In the future, ATINY will continue to uphold the spirit of "craftsman" and develop more hardware and software products[the seam tracking system]
that meet the needs of the welding market, further empower the entire industry, help global intelligent manufacturing, and make your life and work easier!

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