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Fewer welding workers and high labor costs are welding problems encountered by many companies;
However, the welding equipment cannot solve the problem of welding seam offset 100%. what to do?

4.2.1 Can my welding equipment use seam tracking?


Fewer welding workers and high labor costs are welding problems encountered by many companies;
Therefore, more and more enterprises have introduced welding equipment and welding robots;
However, in the actual use process, it was found that there is no way for automated welding equipment to ensure 100% welding quality;

Why is this?
I believe that the boss who has thought about this question already has the answer, because although the welding equipment does not require welding;
But the device itself does not have human-like eyes to watch the welds all the time,
The motion trajectory programmed for the equipment will not have any effect when the workpiece is offset.
Therefore, the existence of the welding seam tracking sensor is to solve the deviation generated in the welding process, make the automation equipment become intelligent, and then improve the welding quality and efficiency.

What kind of equipment can be retrofitted with seam tracking?

ATINY focuses on machine vision technology and has accumulated 10 years of experience in the field of welding automation. Whether you use PLC-controlled welding equipment or welding robots, we can provide you with corresponding solutions.
Because the sensor itself obtains the real-time data of the welding seam through the serial port of the PLC or the network port of the robot
As long as your device has basic serial port and network port communication functions, you can put forward your needs, and we will give you a solution.

Support PLC brands: Mitsubishi, Siemens, Delta, etc.;

Support robot brands: ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Yaskawa, Panasonic, Turin, Kawasaki, STEP, CRP, QJAR, OTC and more than 40 brands.

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