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Because the stainless steel plate is reflective, can we not use the welding laser seam tracking?
Laser welding of large splices can still use seam tracking to improve efficiency.

4.8.1How to achieve efficient welding of large stainless steel plates?


With the development of the construction industry, more and more construction sites are building houses on site to efficiently meet the needs of the project cycle and quality. There is an indispensable raw material for this kind of mobile and fast-built board house: stainless steel plate.
Due to the large size of the room itself, the raw materials used for construction need to be spliced together by pieces of stainless steel plates, and splicing is inseparable from our welding technology.


Customer site conditions

  • Welding robot: ABB
  • Welding material: stainless steel plate
  • Weld Type: Splicing Weld
  • Welding process: laser welding
  • Product model used: laser vision integrated sensor CXZK-JSYT-B-170


  • Calculate welding start point using laser mode positioning
  • Track welds in real time using visual mode
  • Solve the welding seam deviation caused by the loading and unloading of large workpieces and the positioning of the tooling
  • Fully automated welding
  • Reduce operator labor intensity and improve customer productivity

Video Case-Laser seam tracking

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