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With people's continuous in-depth understanding and experimentation of laser profiler, the application range and fields of laser profiler are constantly expanding, making this product more perfect and more powerful.


With people's continuous in-depth understanding and experimentation of laser displacement sensors,
the application range and fields of laser displacement sensors are constantly expanding, making this product more perfect and more powerful.



In order to improve the applicability and integration of the product, 
【ATINY】 laser profiler has achieved a small volume in the industry, and has continuously made breakthroughs in optical design, circuit design, and production technology.

【ATINY】 team has completely achieved excellence, optimized the volume of the product with a unit of 0.1 mm, overcome more than 50 technical difficulties,
and achieved a combination of product volume, power consumption, and performance.

The laser beam is used to scan the object, and the reflected beam is reflected back.
The resulting arrangement is different and the image is imaged. Use the image drop to reflect the resulting image.


Scanning 3D imaging refers to high and new technology that integrates optical, mechanical, electrical and computer technologies.
It is mainly used to scan the spatial shape, structure and color of an object to obtain the spatial coordinates of the surface of the object.
Its important meaning is that it can convert the three-dimensional information of the physical object into a digital signal that can be directly processed by the computer,
which provides a very convenient and quick means for realizing digitization. Scanning 3D imaging technology can realize non-contact measurement,
and has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, and convenient use.

【ATINY】laser profiler based on scanning 3D imaging measurement technology can monitor the production process on the production line,
which can not only reduce consumption, reduce costs, increase production, and improve efficiency, but also ensure product quality and enhance product competitiveness.

【ATINY】 aser profiler is mainly used to collect 3D images of the measured object and analyze and detect.
At the same time, its high dynamic exposure technology is very suitable for measuring and detecting parts that may contain highly reflective or dark features in the object,
which can be faster , Check the components of the production site more accurately, which can be widely used in grinding, glue coating, powder spraying and other fields.

It solves the detection quality management problem that is difficult to achieve with traditional contact sensors.
Under the same measurement conditions, it reflects the advantages of high quality, low price, and super cost-effective!

It can measure materials with different reflective intensity at the same time. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high stability.
It supports various materials and is simple and quick to set.


Features of The aTiny laser profiler

The use of high-speed imaging and high-speed compression transmission technology can shorten the cycle time of image acquisition with the maximized resolution and maximize the production capacity for customers.
  •  It can reduce image noise and imaging high-light audio, and optimize the collected images.
  • It can prevent the effects of bright or highly reflective features in the component during imaging.
  • It can ensure accurate object positioning, measurement and detection;
  • Ensure accurate detection;
  •  Ensure to achieve the best imaging results.

The aTiny laser profiler

It can measure black or inclined surfaces with low reflectivity and metals with high reflectivity.
Even if the object surface with different reflectivity caused by color or material is mixed,
the shape can still be accurately captured. Realize ultra-stable and high-precision measurement.

Can quickly grasp the contour shape, roughness and flatness;

Stable measurement of black rubber and metal workpieces with multiple reflections, or workpieces with inclined surfaces; 74 measurement modes;

Solve customers' manufacturing problems of "improving quality", "preventing bad outflow", and "improving yield".


Measure the pros and cons of the shape

Suitable for rubber, metal, ceramics, concrete, food, etc.


Robot grab

Scan the state and shape of the measuring object, and control the robot with high speed and accuracy.

Scan the measurement object on the measurement production line

3D imaging then determines whether the shape of the scanned object is qualified.

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