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4.5.1 Line Laser Sensors Serve the Field of Flame Cutting

Customer Status

1. The workpiece is large in size, using a large ABB robot with an arm span of 2.85 meters
2. There are many types of workpieces, and the robot teaching work is complicated
3. There is no way for the fixture to accurately fix the workpiece

  Item Preparation

1. Line laser sensor (with integrated data operation algorithm)
2. PC software
3. Physical structure connector (fixed with cutting robot)
4. Power supply and communication cables

Single-point seek to save the reference calculation deviation

                                Comparison of photos before and after cutting                                            

  Program Advantages

1. High efficiency - single-point positioning speed is fast
2. Labor saving - replacement of workpieces does not require workers to repeat teaching
3. High precision - the line laser has its own algorithm function, and the maximum progress can reach 0.04mm
4. Technical advantages - highly integrated, no external industrial computer required


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