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Automated welding

Refers to the use of advanced welding methods, inspection methods and assembly processes to build an advanced welding processing method and process plan that directly participates in the welding process without or fewer people, as well as the configuration of fusion welding mechanical equipment and control system , the use of welding mechanical devices to replace people for welding, to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency, reducing labor intensity, optimizing the working environment, and improving product quality.

Automated welding including

Automated welding including the automation of welding processes and welding production. The latter includes the automation of the entire welding production process consisting of material preparation, cutting, bevel preparation, workpiece assembly, welding, heat treatment, and welding inspection.
Automatic welding equipment mainly includes traditional welding auxiliary machines, welding sensors, central controllers, welding machines, welding fixtures, automatic welding heads, special welding guns, etc.
The advancement of automatic welding technology has promoted the development of my country's welding industry. Mechanical welding is an important guarantee for improving welding quality and efficiency. With the application of automatic welding machines, productivity can be further improved.

What is the welding seam tracking and welding positioning of the welding robot? 

Strictly speaking,
the welding seam tracking and positioning system of the welding robot is composed of two parts:
before welding(welding finding), the welding seam positioning function checks whether the seam is suitable, and accurately reaches the joint to be welded.
Real-time welding seam tracking, product deformation monitoring during welding.

Seam tracking

It means that an optical sensor is installed before the welding position data is collected, collected by power or welding parameters, and then transmitted to the welding robot and various adaptive fuzzy control algorithms are used for the correct welding robot trajectory or special plane, so as to achieve self-control. Adapt control to realize real-time weld tracking.

Welding positioning

The process of using one or more searches to determine the position of the weld to be welded by moving the welding robot or editing the machine program path.

How to realize the welding seam tracking and positioning of the welding robot? 

There are many ways to realize the welding seam tracking and positioning of the welding robot.
There are two commonly used ones: peripheral auxiliary detection and self-detection.
Peripheral auxiliary detection:
laser tracking, photographic imaging tracking. The welding seam tracking and positioning control system can collect welding seam-related data through optical measuring equipment, and the welding robot can adjust the motion trajectory of the adaptive arm through data comparison, so as to realize real-time tracking of the welding seam.
sensor detection of welding wire, real-time detection of welding parameters.


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