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Seam Tracking for Laser welding 

5.2.1 Weld Seam Tracking Products for Home Appliance Industry - Coaxial Vision System

1. Introduction of the laser welding process

The laser welding process is a modern welding method. Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding has many characteristics, such as less deformation of the welded workpiece, higher welding depth and width, and smaller heat affected area.

In addition, the laser welding process will not be affected by the magnetic field, will not be completely limited to the working environment of conductive materials and vacuum, and will not generate a large amount of X-rays during the working process.

It is precisely because of the above advantages that the laser welding process plays a very important role in the automobile manufacturing industry, the welding of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy materials, the plastic processing industry, the shipbuilding industry and other fields. Significantly improve industrial efficiency and product and service quality.

2. Status and Welding Problems
Every industry has its limitations, and so does laser welding technology;

According to the data collection and analysis of the laser welding industry we have collected, due to the thin materials used in this industry, the high sealing requirements and the narrow welding bead, manual manual welding basically cannot meet the welding requirements of the workpiece, mainly relying on automatic welding equipment for welding. ;

However, in the process of automated production, due to the workpiece blanking and assembly, tooling, etc., the consistency of the welding seam position is deviated, and the manual point-to-point efficiency is low. Therefore, the customer hopes to have a set of equipment to realize the real-time deviation correction of the welding process and guide the welding torch. Welding, improve work efficiency and reduce product scrap rate.

3. Solutions after install welding seam tracking
The commonly used laser vision seam tracker has problems such as large installation interference and low detection accuracy, and it is not suitable for imposition welding. Laser welding welding industry.

(1)Working principle

The welding seam image data is collected by the CCD camera, and the video cable transmits the image data to the computing controller, and the online real-time detection of the welding seam is realized through the complex program algorithm in the processor in the computing controller.

(2)Main parameters
Name Coaxial Vision System
Power AC220V
Detection accuracy 0.01mm
Communication interface Fast Ethernet/RS485
Sampling frequency 25HZ
Working temperature ~10~65 (no freezing)
Support parameters 64(customizable)
Support protocol  MODBUS TCP/RTU, KUKA robot communication protocol, Chuangxiang intelligent control protocol, etc.


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