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Argon arc welding is a welding technique that uses argon as a shielding gas. Also known as argon gas shielded welding.

Argon arc welding is a welding technique that uses argon as a shielding gas. Also known as argon gas shielded welding.

It is to pass argon shielding gas around the arc welding to isolate the air from the welding area and prevent the oxidation of the welding area.

The argon arc welding technology is based on the principle of ordinary arc welding. It uses argon gas to protect the metal welding material. Through high current, the welding material is melted into a liquid on the welded substrate to form a molten pool. A welding technology in which the welding material achieves metallurgical bonding. Because the argon gas is continuously supplied during high-temperature fusion welding, the welding material cannot be in contact with oxygen in the air, thereby preventing the oxidation of the welding material, so it can weld stainless steel and iron hardware. .
It has the characteristics of heat concentration, fast welding speed and high efficiency, so it is widely used.


Characteristics of argon arc welding

1) The mechanical protection effect is good, the welding quality is excellent, the weld seam is beautifully formed, and there is no slag shell.
2) The arc is stable, the heat-affected zone is small, and the post-welding deformation is small.
3) Adopt gas protection, visible arc, easy to operate, easy to realize all-position welding, easy to automatic control.
4) Argon gas is expensive, and the argon arc welding equipment is complicated and costly.


In actual production applications, argon arc welding has the following problems:

Higher requirements for the relative position of the welding torch and the welding seam;
For welding seam tracking, in addition to common arc, smoke, spot welding and other interference, there is also strong electromagnetic interference, which has a great impact on some conventional electronic components;
Argon arc welding is harmful to the human body. Ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, ozone, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide gas and metal dust are harmful to welders.
Argon arc welding products require high precision due to the small weld seam, and ordinary trackers on the market are powerless.

The laser welding seam tracking system

independently developed by 【ATINY】 has multiple patents, which has the advantages of anti-arc, smoke, splash, spot welding and electromagnetic interference;
tracking and welding are basically in the same position in real-time tracking and other advantages.
High-speed and high-precision identification of welds, dedicated software is stable, cost-effective, widely used in the field of welding,
can be applied to all welding processes, high precision, fast processing speed, strong anti-interference.
Controlling the welding torch greatly reduces the labor intensity of the welder and the influence of human factors,
guarantees the quality of the weld and improves the welding efficiency.

The special laser seam tracker for argon arc welding can achieve high-precision tracking to meet the needs of argon arc welding;
it can resist the high pulse interference of argon arc welding; realize real-time tracking, instead of manual operations in the welding production process,
improve product quality, and improve production The level of automation.


【ATINY】 welding seam tracking product features

1. Non-contact tracking left and right, up and down, to ensure accurate welding position and stable welding current, and fully guarantee welding quality;
2. It has strong anti-interference and high stability;
3. Real-time tracking;
4. The welding seam tracking device is mounted on the welding torch, which does not affect the adjustment of the welding torch position parameters,
and will not have any influence on the welding process.
5. There is a professional way to deal with the phenomenon that the momentary interference of argon arc welding is very large at the beginning of the arc.

【ATINY】  Laser Weld Tracker is a special sensor in the welding field, used for tracking flat, curved, and circumferential welds to improve welding quality.
Complete various complex welding, avoid welding quality deviation, and realize unmanned welding and
is applied to the practical application case of argon arc welding.


Industry Application

Industry: Special tank truck industry (tank truck, vehicle-mounted bottle-liquefied gas)
Workpiece type: heating tank for liquefied gas tank
Product model: CXZK-MED-TG2
Welding type: argon arc welding
Weld type: long straight seam
Machine type: Argon arc welding machine


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