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Mainly used for (axial-centrifugal) fan welding

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Mainly used for (axial-centrifugal) fan blade welding

Fans are mainly divided into two types: axial flow and centrifugal. With the continuous upgrading of industrial products and the rapid development of high-tech industries, centrifugal fans and axial fans are more and more widely used in industrial products for heat dissipation. The principle of centrifugal fans: airflow The air flows into the rotating blade passage in the axial direction, is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller under the action of centrifugal force, and is discharged from the air outlet. The principle of the axial flow fan: the gas enters the rotating impeller axially, is pressurized, and then is discharged axially from the other side.

The large number of applications of fans has accelerated the process of fan welding automation, but the efficiency or quality of mainstream positioning tracking welding is not satisfactory. If the positioning method is used, it may be necessary to search for multiple points due to the influence of the radian of the fan blades. Welding can be carried out only when the location is located, and the cycle of location-seeking welding time will also be relatively long. If the tracking method is used, it is difficult to teach and debug more interference, and the tracking of solder joints is not stable. Its one welding cycle and the final effect cannot meet the customer's requirements.


System Composition

Sensor Parameters

Video Case

Name/Model CXZK-JXB300LS
Optical size
Z1 Near view field(mm) 240
Recommended installation distance (mm) 300
Z2 Far view field(mm) 360
A-Near plane view field mm 36
Center view field of(horizontal)mm 45
B-Far plane view fieldmm 54
Average depth resolutionmm 0.265
Average width resolutionmm 0.0504
Communication interface Ethernet/RS485
Support segment parameters 103
Output sample rateHz 33
Operate temperature -10 ~ 65
PowerW 4
Support agreements Modbus TCP/RTUCRNT agreement etc.
Weld types V-groove welds, fillet welds, crimp welds, splicing welds, lap welds and other weld types
Sizemm 103*100*40
Weightg About 500
Degree of protection IP65

IP65 *Above parameters are the results that can be achieved under ideal conditions

System Features

  1. lNo teaching, no programming, easy to operate
  1. lAutomatically detect welding start point and end point to realize full welding
  1. lReal-time viewing of 3D scanning images
  1. lAxial and centrifugal fans are universal
  1. lBoth sides can be welded by offset
  1. lNo need to consider the influence of arc light

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