Sep 01, 2021

"Axle Welding Automation" in the automotive industry---assisted by ATINY laser welding seam tracking system


With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the axle system,
which is one of the main components of automobiles, has also been developed accordingly.
In order to occupy a certain market share in the fiercely competitive axle product market,
various axle manufacturers have launched axle assemblies with strong carrying capacity,
high technical content and good quality.
According to the characteristics of automobile axles and production batch requirements,
improving the stability and adaptability of the automobile axle welding production line is of great significance
to the production of high-quality and high-tech axle assemblies.

The automobile axle (also called axle) is connected to the frame (or load-bearing body) through the suspension,
and wheels are installed at both ends.
The role of the axle is to bear the load of the car to maintain the normal driving of the car on the road.
The axle is one of the key components of the car, and the force is complicated.

According to the function of use, the axles are divided into four types: drive axle, steering axle, steering drive axle and support axle.
The drive axle is one of the key components of the car, and the quality of its welding is related to the safety of the car.
It not only has to bear weight and transmit force, but also bear the larger bending moment and torque caused by dynamic load and static load.
For this reason, the axles are required to have sufficient strength, rigidity and toughness,
which puts forward high requirements on the "welding quality" of the axles.


At present, the degree of automation of the welding process has been significantly improved,
but the degree of automation of the positioning and clamping process of the workpiece is relatively low.
In order to improve overall efficiency and work quality,
it is imperative to install laser seam trackers on industrial robots and special welding machines!

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