Sep 01, 2021

Steel structure welding technology---ATINY intelligent welding system


As a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly building,
steel structure building has the characteristics of uniform material, high strength, superior performance, simple manufacturing,
and flexible layout.It is known as one of the "green buildings" in the 21st century.
From the perspective of market demand, with the development of the times and the progress of urbanization,
there is an increasing demand for steel structures in high-rise buildings.
Therefore, improving the welding technology of steel structures, standardizing welding technical requirements,
and ensuring the processing quality of steel structures are the goals pursued by more and more steel structure manufacturers.

Difficulties in welding

1. Thick plate and groove welding require multi-layer and multi-pass welding.
2. The relative assembly accuracy is poor and the error is large, welding process needs laser tracking to adjust the deviation.
3. The weld groove is inconsistent, and the welding process needs to be adjusted intelligently in real time.
4. In small batches, there is no duplication between workpieces, and automatic identification and independent programming are required.


Welding Application of ATINY Seam Tracking in The Elevator Industry

In view of the above problems, we can conclude that the future technical requirements for steel structure welding
should be: "Intelligent Steel Structure Welding System"

1. Independently identify the size of the workpiece and generate a welding track;
2. According to the characteristics of the welding seam, the welding process can be adjusted in real time during the welding process;
3. After the welding is completed, check the appearance of the weld.

The development and application of ATINY laser profiler has played a pivotal role in the welding of steel structures, which can:

1. Provide high-precision, large-range laser measurement sensors for workpiece scanning and trajectory planning.
2. During the welding process, real-time measurement of the fracture shape, call the welding expert system,
real-time adjustment of the welding process.
3. After the welding is completed, scan the appearance of the weld bead to detect the surface morphology of the weld bead.


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