Sep 01, 2021

Weld tracking adapt with FANUC ROBOT is applied to flange welding in construction machinery industry

Typical Application

Weld tracking of the welding seam of excavators, road rollers, large forklifts, cranes,
piling machines, reinforced concrete machines and other locomotive parts.

Industry background

In the manufacturing process of construction machinery,
welding technology largely determines the safety and reliability of the whole construction machinery.
Traditional manual welding can no longer meet the strict requirements of products and the needs of market competition.
Therefore, various manufacturers need to invest more welding automation equipment,
and the application of automatic welding special machines and welding robots has promoted the development
of automatic welding technology in the construction machinery industry.

Advantages and disadvantages of welding hard machine and welding robots

  Welding Hard Machine Welding Robot
Advantages 1. It has certain advantages in the welding of straight and curved welds of structural parts.
2. High welding efficiency, small deformation of workpiece after welding, high stability of product quality
3. Improve the working conditions of welding workers and other advantages 
1. High degree of flexibility, stable welding quality, high production efficiency, etc.;
2. During the welding process, the workpiece can be rotated to make the welding seam reach the ideal welding posture;
3. It can realize fillet welding, flat welding, boat welding, etc. 
Disadvantages Due to the large variety of workpieces on construction machinery products, the large difference in shape, and the difficulty of workpiece clamping and disassembly, the scope of use of special machines is relatively limited.  Higher requirements are put forward for the workers who operate the equipment, teaching programming, troubleshooting, etc. require certain professional knowledge and training 
In order to ensure the stability of the quality of welding products,
it is extremely urgent to realize intelligent welding with regard to the problems existing in welding special machines and welding robots.
A key technology of intelligent welding is to realize automatic positioning and real-time tracking of workpieces and welds.

Video Case

Weld Seam Tracking with FANUC

In order to realize automatic tracking welding of welds, it is first necessary to be able to monitor the current weld deviations.
The form and type of sensors used determine the means of information extraction and the method of identifying weld deviations.
The selection and application of sensors are key issues that need to be solved to realize welding automation.
The welding seam tracking system independently developed by ATINY improves the welding speed in the welding process of construction machinery,
the welding seam is beautifully formed, and the welding quality is stable.
It improves labor productivity and product quality, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and truly realizes 24h operation.


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