Development Path
Successfully developed smart cameras and converted to batch applications
The visual weld tracker was successfully developed in China, and it was converted to mass application, creating a "five anti-technique"
Obtained 1 invention patent and 2 software copyrights
Invention patent for the method of automatically tracking and detecting welds
Butt weld positioning system software copyright
Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification
Laser camera (mini) appearance design patent certificate
Sliding table appearance design patent certificate
Smart camera appearance design patent certificate
Method for automatic detection and tracking of welds Invention patent certificate
CRNT trademark registration certificate
Telescopic shield for laser welding seam tracking system-utility model
Mobile robot stroke calibration method-invention patent
Mobile robot and its charging system-utility model
Device, system and method of mobile robot searching for sources of toxic gas-invention
Heat source mobile robot, heat source search system and method-invention
Indoor robot positioning method and device-invention
Rotating optical scanning distance measuring device-utility model
Magnetic levitation optical scanning distance measuring device-utility model
Laser scanning distance measuring device-utility model
Welding bead deviation tracking device and welding trolley-utility model
Image correction method, device and binocular vision system Invention patent
ATINY trademark
Multi-camera visual positioning system software works
Zhongguancun and National High-tech Enterprise Certification
CE certification
China Welding Association
Second Prize of Beihang University's Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
Innovating China's "New Technology Enterprise"
Technology-based SMEs
Corrugated Board Scanning and Tracking Software Software Works
Real-time tracking software for corrugated board Software works
Won the "Top 50 Most Innovative Enterprises with Growth Potential in 2019"
Established subsidiaries in Jinan, Changsha, Zhengzhou and Nanjing;
Open up overseas markets and contribute to the world's intelligent welding. 


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