Handheld Laser Profiler

ATINY Handheld Laser Profiler is a new high-end product laser triangular reflection product,
including a highly integrated digital signal processor.


High precision
High cost performance
Simple setting
Convenient operation

ATINY Handheld Laser Profiler

Applicable industries

Especially suitable for integration into existing automation systems;

Used for displacement, distance and position measurement,
and can be adapted to surface measurement of a variety of materials.

Design principle

Using the triangulation principle measurement method,
When the distance to the measured target changes,
the position of the received light will also change accordingly.
The amount of light received at different positions is detected according to the internal integrated CMOS.
According to the combination of the detection distance and the amount of light received,
the problem of non-contact object detection can be solved stably.


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Function Describe
Strong anti-interference ability The application of network isolation transmission can resist the interference of argon arc welding
Fully network A network segment can support up to 252 sets of equipment
the use of industrial Ethernet communication
Point-line compatibility Line sensors, can be used as a sensor , increase the front cover is automatically switched to a stop point detection method , the dotted line is compatible with
Anti-high-reflective With anti-high reflection function
click the learning button to automatically filter the impact of high reflection
Supports POE power supply Support POE power supply, simple device connection, convenient factory wiring
Automatically switch the power supply mode
Automatically switch to normal power supply when there is no POE power supply mode
Power indicator and charging indicator When the switch is pressed, the power indicator light is on
Minimal data transmission delay Microsecond delay
Support temperature monitoring High temperature automatic alarm, automatic protection
High sampling rate The highest sampling rate can reach 2.2KHz, which can meet the beat demand of most automated production

Appearance and Software function

The product is small in size and exquisite in appearance,
and its corresponding "aTiny Software" is suitable for Windows operating system.

Contains the following functional areas:

  • image and data display area,
  • camera mode configuration area
  • detection parameter setting areaa
  • sensor parameter configuration area.

It supports two modes of internal synchronization and external synchronization.

Different working modes can be selected in different environments and different objects to be tested,
and the software can be switched.


Name ATINY Handheld Laser Profiler
Reference distance 1000 mm
Z-axis measurement range ± 200 mm
X-axis near point width 15 mm
X-axis far point width 25 mm
light source 638 nm
Linearity ±0.1%F.S.  (full scale)
Detection type Diffuse object
Minimum trigger interval 0.46ms
Ambient temperature -20 to 50
Material Aluminum alloy
Input power PoE/12VDC
Maximum power 2w (20)
size 358.41mm*177.29mm*50mm
Communication Interface RJ45 (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T)
weight About 1320g (without batteries)

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