Seam Tracking for Welding Hard Machine(PLC) CXZK-MEC-150S Series

Adopt intelligent real-time seam tracking technology,
Suitable for splicing, lap welding and submerged arc welding in various industries

Improve production efficiency and product quality.

Seam Tracking for Welding Hard Machine(PLC) CXZK-MEC-150S Series


Composition and Principle

  • Consists of lasers, optical sensors and central processing units,
  • adopting the principles of official communication and imaging
  • Get the position information of each point in the laser scanning area
  • Through complex program algorithms, complete online real-time monitoring of welds.


  • No need for industrial computer
  • Anti-arc, anti-splash, anti-smoke
  • Reduce programming work for complex workpieces
  • Accurately identify and detect the absolute position data of the weld

Solve problems

  • Can solve problems of detection range/detection ability in the process of welding
  • Can realize real-time adjusting deviation/seam tracking, lead the torch welding correctly;
  • Can solve the problems of deviation and make perfect seam.

Scope of Application

  • Through I/O communication between reserved I/O interface and welding machine, text screen, PLC or industrial computer to realize better connection and automatic operation.
  • Applied to most kinds of welding machine like gantry and welding tractor.

Video case[Resolution 480P]

Product Name Med Series Seam Tracking For Hard Machine
optical size
Model  CXZK-MEC-150S
Z1Near view field(mm) 110
Recommendedinstallation distance  (mm) 140
Z2Far view field (mm) 160
A-Near plane view field (mm) 17
Center view fieldof(horizontal)(mm) 22
B-Far plane view field(mm) 28
Average depthresolution(mm) 0.0546
Average widthresolution(mm) 0.0229
CommunicationInterface EthernetRJ45/RS485
Support segmentparameters 103
Output sample rate(Hz) 33
Operate temperature(℃)  -10 ~ 65
Power supply (W) 4
Support agreement Modbus TCP/RTU、CRNT agreement etc.
Welding type V-groove welds, fillet welds, crimp welds, splicing welds, lap welds and other weld types
Size(mm) 112*112*30
Weight (g) About 585g
Protection class IP65

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