High-Definition High-Dynamic Range Welding Monitoring Camera CXZK-G3

The Molten Pool Monitoring Camera CXZK-G3 allows remote high-definition monitoring of the arc, welding wire (tungsten electrode), molten pool, weld seam, base material, as well as the slag inclusion or bubble status in the molten pool.
This enables timely adjustment of welding parameters, significantly improving welding quality and enhancing welding production efficiency. It achieves the visualization of the molten pool and weld bead.

Welding Monitoring Camera CXZK-G3

  The Molten Pool Monitoring System,independently developed by ATINY,accurately observes the position of the welding wire and the melting state of the molten pool during the welding process.It enables remote high-definition monitoring of the arc,welding wire(tungsten electrode),molten pool,weld seam,base material,as well as the slag inclusion or bubble status,facilitating timely adjustments to welding parameters.This system significantly improves welding quality and enhances welding production efficiency,achieving the visualization of the molten pool and weld bead.The Molten Pool Monitoring System not only addresses challenges in observation and monitoring during welding equipment operation but also enhances the reliability of the welding system.It is suitable for any automated welding equipment with high compatibility,offering substantial improvements in the welding observation environment,saving labor,and enhancing welding quality.

  I.Hardware Components

  High dynamic industrial cameras remotely capture the welding process in high definition,utilizing high-speed processing chips with a maximum image refresh rate of up to 25Hz.

Welding Monitoring Camera CXZK-G3

  II.External Screen Usage

  The camera can be connected to a screen without any additional tuning or the need for a computer.Once the cables are connected,it is ready for use.

Welding Monitoring Camera CXZK-G3
It supports the display of multiple cameras(customization required for this feature).

  III.Product Features

  The product features built-in lighting,an ultra-wide field of view,high-definition images,convenient installation and debugging,replaceable glass,and the ability to monitor pulse welding.This product is a mid-range product in the new series developed by Beijing ATINY Technology Co.,Ltd.The series offers high cost-effectiveness,simple configuration,and easy operation,making it especially suitable for integration into existing machinery and automation systems.The compact front probe of the high dynamic molten pool monitoring camera allows for flexible installation,significantly reducing interference issues.

Welding Monitoring Camera CXZK-G2
Model Number CXZK-G3 CXZK-G2
Resolution 720×576 1024 x 512
Installation distance 110mm-400mm 130mm
Focoom Manual focus Manual focus
Video Recording / Playback Not Supported Support:
Ararc detection and automatic recording Not Supported Support:
Built-in light source 850nm*4 850nm
Anti-interference Replacement glass sheet
System Update Remote Update
Test Type Gas retaining welding, argon arc welding, etc.
Material Aluminum alloy
Maximum power 11W (when used together with the camera andscreen) 8w(20 )
Probe size 50mm×50mm×74.5mm φ30 x 108mm
Communication Interface Hundred Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
Weight 243g 105g(probe) + 479g(processor)

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